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“Helped me focus and get moving."

Needing to set your goals for the year and it's just not happening? Are you feeling depleted?  Wiped out?  Frustrated because you know everything you should be doing but can’t seem to muster up the brain power or even physical energy to take steps forward?

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As your life coach, I'll serve as a catalyst if you're in crisis or an empathetic guide if you seek a new reference point.  We'll work together to help you discover what you really want!  This is your process and about assisting you to find greater clarity, focus, perspective, and faith in yourself.  Sometimes all you need is a confirmation of your current direction.  

​​"I want to thank you for helping me get to the point where I can recognize and enjoy this moment. You do amazing work. Thank you!"

Do you feel like you are up against a wall or running out of time and know you can do and be better but nothing is coming together for you and the wall just keeps getting closer?

I know EXACTLY how you feel!  There is this theory called, “Ego Depletion” that sums up perfectly what this dynamic we experience is and assures us that we are not alone; that this is part of the human experience!

Not only do I know exactly how you feel, I know how to help you!  Through our 

The basic idea of “Ego Depletion” is this:  If you can think of your ego (in this context) as a pie and everything we do, takes a piece of the pie.  For example, Day to day work is a piece of the pie.  Getting the kids up and ready for the day is a piece of the pie.  Starting a new business is a piece of the pie.  Engaging in relationships is a piece of the pie.  Paying bills is a piece of the pie and on and on it goes.  Eventually, all the pieces of the pie are gone and you are left depleted, frustrated, and perhaps, even angry.

Often, we reach out to behaviors that, in the moment, seem to replenish the pie like eating carbs, drinking, gambling, zoning out to endless television.  Even with behaviors such as expressing this frustration on others in inappropriate ways like being mean or getting angry at someone and showing it.  

"Her intuitive approach is razor sharp, bringing to the forefront the real issues I needed to deal with before moving on with my career goals."

While these most likely feel good in the moment, they are not healthy nor sustainable and these methods do not replenishing the pie!

I can help you get clear on what truly motivates you.  What drives you forward, what you really value,  the goals and dreams that excite you and your big vision!

Our Coaching partnership will help you learn to dance with life and all that comes with it so that instead of being depleted by all of the pieces of your pie disappearing with no plan and action to replenish it,  your pie stays full!  This will allow you to move forward with a vision for how you want your life to be, the motivation to take action and the passion to keep going, regardless of how many hurdles you may face along the journey!  Type your paragraph here.

"It is fabulous, it made me see and realize things in a different light."​